Sunday, June 30, 2013

Sephora: Benefit Real Birthday Turn-Ons

It's almost here my birthday that is and with every year comes an exciting Sephora birthday freebie. 

This year I was pretty impressed but I'm beginning to think their isn't much that's "free" that wouldn't impress me. 

This years Sephora Birthday gift is the Benefit Real Birthday Turn-Ons 

This little birthday gift packs quite a punch with a travel size Benefit They're Real Mascara and a mini Benefits Watts Up Highlighter. 

Both products are new to me I've tried benefit products but never this highlighter or mascara. I have to say the product I'm looking forward to using most is the mascara I've heard such rave reviews on the They're Real Mascara that I just can't wait to see what the hype is all about! 

I'm sure I will report back in the future with reviews on both of these :D 

Thursday, June 27, 2013

MAC Tropical Taboo Mineralize Skinfinishes

Left to Right 
Rio Adored Lust 

Although MAC Tropical Taboo wasn't due to be released until July 4th it has made an early appearance on the MAC Cosmetic website at and what a sweet appearance it has been! I was so stoked to get my hands on the new mineralize skinfinishes and even more excited when they quickly arrived THANK YOU THANK YOU FED EX! 

As most of us know their were 2 re-promotes 
Soft & Gentle / Gold Deposit

3 new shades 
Rio / Adored / Lust 

My favorite of the bunch has to be Lust in the pan it looks like a gorgeous rosy-shimmery pink but clearly in the swatches it doesn't come out anything like that I was surprised it came out darker than Rio this will be a light-handed MSF but will be beautiful for a summer time blush. None the less its a gorgeous "peachy" shade that I can't wait to wear! 

Rio and Lust are the 2 more pigmented of the 3 new MSFs and I recommend Adored only if you are fair or are looking to just use this MSF as a highlight. 

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Luminess Haute Polish "Wicked"

It's been brought to my attention that when searching for Luminess Gel Haute Polish swatches that their hardly is any. 

You all know I love my at home Gel Haute Polish System its been in just about all of my monthly favorite videos. I recently got some new colors for Mother's Day as well as the 3 colors that came with my original set so I have 6 Haute Polishes total not many I know... BUT! it is now my mission to do posts of the colors I do have and I will be expanding my collection of colors in the future. 

The color I chose to use today was "Wicked" a gorgeous raspberry color to me this is a good all year round seasonal color. I was able to achieve the color pictured within 2 coats but it really wouldn't of hurt to do 3 and I even gave my self a matching pedi! I'll skip the photos of my pedi as my feet are far from pretty! 

This color is a total keeper for me! with the history Ive had with using the Haute Polish I expect this mani to last me anywhere from a week to 2 weeks and I expect the pedi to last a heck of a lot longer my toes don't chip nearly as fast as my nails. Its not required to use a top coat with this system but I did choose to for even more shine. Shine baby shine!