Tuesday, July 23, 2013

TJ Maxx Massive Coach Shoe Clearance!

Today was my errand day bank, grocery store and wherever else my heart desires. TJ Maxx has been calling my name it's been a few weeks since I had been in there and its one of my favorite stores as you never know what you will find. 

In all honesty I thought I'm going to go in here and buy some perfume because I've been on a perfume craze buying lots of it! Nothing in the perfume section or the purse section of the store interested me so I moved onto the next department I always stop in and that's shoes. I have huge feet a size 10 so the shoes they get in my size are VERY LIMITED. Nothing caught my attention till I went to the clearance aisle and seen they had so many Coach shoes on clearance. They had flip flops once again none in my size for $25.00 some cute coral sandals $49.00 they had these in my size I wanted them but I couldn't justify the price when I already bought 3 pairs of cute sandals this summer so what did I get? Some Coach tennis shoes! These were cute and super affordable at just 39.00 they say they are last season yet I see they are still available on the Macy's website. The shoes originally retail for 108.00 Macy's has them on sale for $79.99 and TJ had Macy's beat by half the price. 

Monday, July 22, 2013

Lucky Find: Lavish Lavender Maybelline Color Tattoo Eyeshadow

About a week ago I was out visiting my brother he lives in the middle of NOWHERE. Paris to be specific no not Paris Eiffel tower Paris but Paris Township Ohio. I volunteered to go get his prescriptions filled at the local drugstore since he wasn't feeling well. Rite Aid had about a 15 minute wait so I chose to browse the makeup section and came across a lucky find. Maybelline Color Tattoo Eyeshadow in Lavish Lavender. This LE shade has been SO HARD for me to find I felt like I hit the lottery when I found this and could only find the one I had found I was hoping to find another for a giveaway since Maybelline Cosmetics were buy 1 get 1 half off no luck but this did end up ringing up on sale 6.99 and I saved 3.50 on it so I actually only paid 3.49 for the shadow STEAL! I have yet to try it but I know already I will love it the color is just stunning! 

Friday, July 12, 2013

Red Carpet Gel Manicure - Camera Flash

A few days ago I made a post on my most recent Ulta purchase a Red Carpet Gel Manicure System I bought with some of my Birthday Bucks. 

The same day I purchased it I tried doing my own manicure and even though my nails are far from perfect with shape and length I still think I had a successful manicure. The color I used was Camera Flash which I purchased separately from the set its a gorgeous shimmery hot pink perfect for summer. 

Now it comes down to the serious stuff and not the cutesy stuff did the manicure last like Red Carpet Manicure said it would the company advertises for weeks worth of wear with NO CHIPPING. 

At 4 days in I was happy I had no chips my Haute Polish generally made it that long with no chips or lifting so at that point I knew this system was on par with the Haute Polish system if not better. At 1 week still no chips I was pretty impressed with the no chipping factor but growing tired of the color and did notice some slight fading of the color nothing drastic though. 9 days in this polish was a survivor no matter what I put it through. The last two days I spent re-finishing some furniture and no matter what work I put my hands through my manicure DID NOT CHIP but I did paint my manicure by accident the latex paint easily pealed off but did leave some residue so I did decide to remove my manicure as of last night to do another. 

My final thoughts is this is the most affordable and comparable product to a salon gel manicure. I love that I can use this product at my convenience without having to make an appointment at the salon. This system pays for its self in two uses. A gel manicure in my area is $30 plus tip two visits would run about $70 I paid $68 and some change for this system after coupon. Yea you run into some extra $$$ buying polishes but if you keep an eye out for $3.50 off $10 coupons for Ulta that takes the polish down to $6.50 a bottle and the color choices are pretty much endless they have a core line of over 60 shades I believe and release limited edition colors as well. 

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy Noir

That's Right! A new addition to the Viva La Juicy Perfume Family! 

Viva La Juicy Noir 

introduced July 2013 I happened to stumble upon this yesterday when I was browsing a perfume wholesalers website and seen they had it but it had already sold out. I thought to my self what the heck? When did I miss out on a new fragrance like this coming out especially since I've been buying so many perfumes as of lately it was nearly impossible for me to miss out on the release of this. It sparked my interest without a doubt I tend to love Juicy Couture fragrances aside from Peace Love Juicy that just smells like ass... I meant grass... fresh cut green grass. 

I will say the "Noir" in the name did intimidate me I didn't want to order this scent blindly as when I think "Noir" I think strong dark musky scents. 

This I didn't find anything musky or dark really about it. I stopped in my local Macy's last night after leaving Victoria Secret to check and see if my perfume counter had already received it. its been a hot seller the lady told me they had 2 bottles left and offered me a paper card that she had spritzed the fragrance on. I was pleasantly surprised by this scent to me it smelled like the classic Viva La Juicy with a twist a grape twist now this is where things get a little fuzzy I recall it as a sweetened grape but I can't explain if I would explain the grape as more of a grape soda smell or more of a grape juice smell. Without a doubt to me its sugared grapes maybe more like a sangria smell which I guess would be the best description as the actual description states berries and not grapes. 

Here is the scent descriptionAn enticing rendition of the original best-selling fragrance, Viva la Juicy Noir embodies the woman who is dangerous in a good way. She likes her eyes smoky and her lips rouge. Unapologetic, she takes risks and gets rewarded. A rich interpretation of the signature Viva la Juicy scent, Viva la Juicy Noir highlights the succulent ripe berry notes and gourmand accents, while adding a juicy touch of honeysuckle and a sultry hint of sandalwood. Leave a lasting impression with Viva la Juicy Noir.

After my trip to Macy's I decided it was a scent I had to have not that I needed it I just had to have it LOL. I justified it as this week I get paid, I had birthday money ETC so I came home hopped online and found it nearly 50% off on eBay through a reputable seller. I did manage to purchase the 1.7fl oz for $39.99 which I felt was a fair price I HATE PAYING RETAIL! So look forward to seeing it in a future perfume haul. 

    Monday, July 8, 2013

    Ulta Birthday Haul Red Carpet Gel Manicure System + Some Extra's

    Every year for my birthday I always get some birthday cash. Cash tends to be the best gift as I can go buy what I want. Between my Mom, Grandma, and My friend in NY I had a decent amount and did want to invest in one thing without blowing all that cash so I did use a portion of it to go to Ulta and get my self to Red Carpet Gel Manicure System. This has intrigued my interest for a few months as I really haven't seen a bad review on it and also the products were much easier to access compared to my Haute Polish system where I would have to ALWAYS order my nail. With the Red Carpet Gel Manicure system I know I can always go to my local Ulta store where they have a vast selection of the polishes. That's the next thing I want to do is stock up on polish their are so many color options and the polishes are reasonably priced at 9.99 which is cheaper than Haute Polish plus Ulta Generally has a $3.50 of $10 coupon that can be used taking the polishes down to $6.50 

    So what came in the kit you may be wondering? 

    Purify - Use to clean your nails prior and post manicure 
    Prep - Sanitize nails 
    Structure - Gel Base 
    Red Carpet Reddy - Gel Polish 
    Brillance - Gel Top Goat 
    Revitalize - Cuticle Oil 
    Erase - Gel Manicure Remover 
    Pro Light - 6 Watt LED Light 

    I also picked up some extras... 

    Red Carpet Gel Manicure Polish - Camera Flash 
    3 Sided Buffing Block 
    Nail File 

    I will be going back to Ulta this week to pick up some more polishes as the 3.50 off $10 purchase coupon began Yesterday... 

    Sunday, July 7, 2013

    Ulta 20% Off Friends & Family Sale

    That's Right ANOTHER Ulta 20% off Friends and Family Sale! 

    Today began quite a big sale for Ulta but not one nearly as good as the one I'm about to tell you about. Today began the liter sale at Ulta this is the time of the year to stock up on your favorite shampoos and conditioners. My mother propositioned me to take a trip to Ulta with her as she knew I had been wanting to go and get more Red Carpet Gel Manicure Polishes. I had 2 $3.50 off $10 coupons and a 3rd that she gave me of hers. 

    Upon checkout me and the cashier got to talking about everything from nails to haircare and she handed me an Ulta Friends & Family Post Card for 20% off my ENTIRE Purchase she said it even included prestige brands and fragrances now that's a SHOCKER!!! The sale date beings July 21st and goes throughout July 27th it is IN STORE ONLY! and you must have one of these postcards which are easy to obtain if your a Beauty Club Card holder stop in your Ulta and ask about the sale. 

    On your total purchase* Includes any one service at THE SALON. 
    (Select Designers and Therapists) 
    Must be a member. Not a Member? It's FREE! Join today and save 20%. 
    Visit store locator on ultra.com for the ULTA store nearest you. 

    *Excludes Benefit Brow Bar Services. Not valid for gift cards or prior purchases. For rewards program details, see store or visit ultra.com/rewards. 
    Cannot be combined with any other offers. Not valid online. May not be handed out in-store or in the parking lots. 

    This card can only be redeemed in store and cannot be duplicated or emailed. 

    Saturday, July 6, 2013

    June 2013 Beauty Favorites & Empties

    It seemed that as fast as Summer came June went I really feel this Summer is going to fly by. I sure hope not Summer is one of my favorite seasons my birthday is in the Summer July 4th (Yes I turned the big 25 two days ago!) All the county fairs begin. I feel summer is just about fun. 

    The only fun I really haven't had so far has been with my makeup melting on my face on hot days. Not all days have been hot here in Ohio thank goodness but on the hot ones its gone in under an hour its like why bother putting it on? 

    So... On with the Favorites! 

    June 2013 Beauty Favorites 

    Too Faced Boudoir Palette When I first purchased this palette I had a love hate relationship figuring out what colors to combine for eye looks lets face it I'm not a "Makeup Guru" but I did find 3 colors in the palette that I adore for my most worn makeup look and those colors are In The Buff this tends to be my all over color I wear this from lid to brow than I layer Sugar Walls on my lid for my primary lid color and stick Voulez Vous in my crease. 

    Dinair Personal Pro Airbrush System This has been in my favorites for months and isn't going anywhere soon I love this machine this makes doing makeup a breeze I do all my primary makeup first so my shadow, liner, mascara and lips than go over my whole face with my airbrush foundation and I'm done. If I'm really patient I even airbrush my shadow. 

    Urban Decay Sin Primer Potion when it comes to eyeshadow primer this has to be my hands down favorite one I even like it better than the original because of the added champagne shimmer. I don't really wear any shadow colors this primer wouldn't work well with. 

    Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer I swear this is my miracle worker for the hot days I know my foundation will not stick I just use this concealer over my red spots rub it out luckily enough I have good skin so I can get away with calling it my foundation for the day. 

    Sephora Native Nude Lip Liner if you seen my YouTube video you know why this is my favorite like I said this is the one lip liner I have that goes with nearly every nude lipstick I have. 

    Dior Urban Lipstick since I talked about Sephora Native Nude Lip liner I should go in order and tell you why the Dior Urban Lipstick this month and that's because it works perfectly with my lip liner to just tone down my naturally highly pigmented pink lips and turn them into a gorgeous pinky nude. 

    Urban Decay Zero Liner for years and yes I mean years I have been using the MAC Blacktrack Fluidline which I love but my issue is I do wear my liner in my waterline and I don't like the extra step of attempting to set my waterline liner with shadow so I recently switched back to a pencil product and the one Ive been using most is the Urban Decay Zero Liner this liner is the perfect black although I heard perversion is darker I was able to pick Zero up in a 3pc set with 2 other colored liners to try at a recent price at Ulta. 

    Lorac 3D Multiplex Mascara I LLOOVVEE this mascara because of the brush end of statement LOL. I tend to love mascara brushes that have that slight curve to them as well as the plastic like bristles those two features really make mascara application clump free for me. 

    Timebalm Apricot Skin Renewal Moisturizer I purchased this moisturizer way back when there was a The Balm product hype I found it in my local Marshalls as part of a set and picked it up on a whim I won't lie I have NEVER used skincare products on the regular I really need to but this is my most used moisturizer and its nearly gone!

    Victoria Secret Fabulous Trio Sorry I forgot to photograph this with my favorites as well as the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind shame on me but this set I am so obsessed with I got lucky and found it at the most recent Semi Annual sale and I bought out every set of it I could find I even gave away one on my channel not to long ago this scent lives up to its name it truly is Fabulous! The shower gel tends to be the most potent product as it lingers after a shower I like to follow up my shower and use the lotion and body mist I will say I have been reserving this scent for special occasions if I know I'm going somewhere nice or out for the evening this has been my signature scent. 

    Last but not least this has to be my ultimate favorite! 

    Tigi Bed Head Curlipops Tapered Curling Wand Why do I love this because I suck at using a curling iron with a clip but this I tell you I can handle! I love my hair curled now it looks so much better it adds volume its not flat and boring. I'm even considering going out and buying one of these to give away to you guys! 

    On with the empties...

    I was recently asked if I would start sharing my empty products of the month it wasn't something I knew for sure if I wanted to share I didn't want to be criticized for how much product I buy and how little I use in a period plus I didn't really want to make a separate video on such but I figured I would oblige to my subscribers and share my empties after all they do fit in nicely with my monthly favorites. 

    I'm a lotion freak I tell you after every shower and before bed every night I use lotion I even have my daughter started on this if only I was as faithful to my facial moisturizer as I am to my body lotion I would be good to go. 

    I finished 3 bottle of lotion total Philosophy Pure Grace Lotion I picked this up at TJ Maxx last summer because I was interested in seeing how I liked Grace my self a lot of people tend to favor the Philosophy Grace scents but I have to say my self I didn't like Pure Grace and wouldn't see my self trying any of the other "Grace" scents. Another lotion I finished and wasn't to thrilled with was Victoria Secret Tahiti Secrets Lychee and Monoi Oil I picked this scent up about two years ago at a Semi Annual Sale and I had been using it on and off but it was time to just use it and finish it I have so many lotions that I open and start using and than I move onto another I hate being restricted to one scent but yet I have so many open products that I really need to commit to and finish. One lotion I did love and used up is a cult favorite Victoria Secret Lovespell are you seeing a trend with Victoria Secret I just really do adore Victoria Secret body care. 

    Two other products I finished were Bath & Body Works products lets face it I won't lie I'm just not loving Bath & Body Works like I use to their scent selection doesn't impress me anymore I feel like they are catering to the younger generation I'm 25 and don't want to smell like a fruit basket that's not to say I don't like fruity scents I do but they have to be blended right I feel that Victoria Secret has nailed it with there fruity floral scents I feel those are more age appropriate for me so I am trying my hardest to phase out the majority of my Bath & Body Works body care I even donated a whole hoard of it to a local nursing home to residents who don't get such luxuries. One shower gel I did finish was Bath & Body Works Rio Rumberry this is fruity there is no other way to put it to me it smells like a sangria which is basically sugared fruit with wine I liked this for summer and its been one of the few Bath & Body Works scents that have caught my attention. The last Bath & Body Works product I finished was a hand soap now I love Bath & Body Works for hand soaps that's because Victoria Secret hasn't dappled into that market yet lol! My finished hand soap with Bath & Body Works Pink Sugarplum Foaming Hand soap I love both the foaming or deep cleansing from Bath & Body Works I keep these soaps in both my bathrooms and kitchen next month you may see 2 of these empty! 

    Monday, July 1, 2013

    May / June Wax Empties 2013

    Alright my wax fans! June has came to an end it's time we share our wax empties! 

    I'm going to do this post in a listing format just listing the products I used with the scent description of the product. If you are more curious about a scent comment below. 

    Candles By Victoria Pure Seduction SSS -Victoria Secret Type. This soft, refreshing mix of Anjou pears, aloe vera and chamomile is sure to brighten your day. Undertones of strawberry , guava and juicy apple capture the essence of this sweet fragrance. 

    Candles By Victoria Chantilly Lace SS - Light floral with musky middle notes, rich and warm, complex and intriguing…even if you are not a floral person give this scent a chance.. gorgeous! 

    Candles By Victoria Shamrock Kiss SS - A flirtatious, fruity, sexy fragrance. A tantalizing aroma of sweet juicy candied apples and pomegranate, with nuances of fresh ivy and oakmoss.  I have to note on this one that this smells like Victoria Secret Endless Love to ME! 

    Candles By Victoria Country Coffee Cake - The Aroma of a fresh baked coffee cake. Rich buttery cake topped with tons of brown sugar and cinnamon! 

    FussAssMcGee 2 Winter Candy CupTarts - Bath & Body Works Dupe a blend of sweet crisp red apple with notes of sweet oranges hints of pineapple cinnamon and vanilla (No Scent Description Available via FussAssMcgee) 

    FussAssMcGee 2 Butt Naked in Bed CupTarts - A frisky blend of apple, pear, melon, vanilla and musk. 

    FussAssMcGee Endless Love CupTart - An irresistible, fresh fragrance. Believe in Endless Love, romantic with bright apple blossom and ylang ylang. (No Description Available via FussAssMcGee) 

    Tiffany Candles Melon Ball Fizz Single - A fruity blend that starts on a base of cantaloupe melon mixed with fresh bits of pineapple, ripe mango, papaya, passion fruit, banana, and a splash of berry. 

    Tiffany Candles Kiss & Tell 3pk - A blend of fresh orange & red apple & crushed cranberry, highlighted with hints of spice and balanced with fresh green notes; undertones of soft sweet vanilla. 

    Tiffany Candles Sweet Pea Type 3pk - Bath & Body Works Type an English Garden that captures the very essence of sweet & floral elegance 

    Tiffany Candles ComeOnIWannaLeiYa Scoopable - Pineapple, coconut, & mango papaya blend

    Diamond Candles 8.6oz Misty Dawn Crumbs - Inspired by the founders' daughter, Misty Dawn Cayton, the pure radiance of this fragrance comes to life when lighting this unique candle. The crisp fruit burst and beautiful blend of aroma will fill up your room. This is Misty Dawn. Live life to its fullest.

    Diamond Candle Rose Wood 6.1oz Crumbs - Long lasting roses and a woody, earthy blend of sandalwood touched with a hint of musk and patchouli make for an exotic and complicated fragrance that those with distinguished tastes will really appreciate. Who do you have special in your life that deserves something that will out last and out smell a real rose but also be a great gift to wear for years to come?
    Better Homes & Gardens Pure White Woods Clamshell - This is the infamous Abercrombie and Fitch Fierce Dupe or as some people know it from BBW Mahogany Teakwood a good sexy man scent! 

    Bath & Body Works Garden Freesia - The scent of freshly cut freesia blends flawlessly with violet petals and a touch of sandalwood. 

    Candles By Victoria Mango Sorbet Hurricane - Blend of Mango, Raspberry, Lemon Compared to: Tutti Dolce

    That's all until next month!