Monday, August 19, 2013

Kohl's Back to School Shopping Haul Part 1

Those of you who seen my most recent YouTube video seen I had a pretty mega Kohls Couponing haul and I vowed to make videos weekly or monthly of what I got. More than likely these videos will bee weekly as I am getting so much product in a week that it would be just to much to show in a month. 

I recently decided to start my nephews school shopping just about every year my mom and I help do his shopping. My brothers wife doesn't like to shop and my brother gets overwhelmed by such tasks and doesn't know how to stretch his buck the farthest. 

Here it is part 1 of my nephews school clothes shopping. He even got to go with me and pick some stuff out the first 4 tops are from the brand Helix these shirts were all $16.00 each and on sale $9.99 I used $10 Kohls Cash on each of those making them free. The last shirt is a thermal long sleeve top from Urban Pipeline these were $20.00 on sale for $9.99 once again I chose to use the $10 Kohls Cash coupon and got that free. The last 2 items from this haul were socks and underwear the 6pk of Tek Gear Socks were on sale from $14 to $8.99 after $10 Kohls Cash they were free. The one and only item I paid for in this haul were the boxer briefs they were $15.00 a 3pk on sale $11.99 I used the $10 Kohls Cash Coupon and 15% savings pass after that I paid $1.80 

So if you followed my haul carefully you noticed I paid just $1.80 for EVERYTHING pictured above. I'm feeling pretty awesome today and can't wait to get some more school shopping done for my nephew! 

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