Monday, July 1, 2013

May / June Wax Empties 2013

Alright my wax fans! June has came to an end it's time we share our wax empties! 

I'm going to do this post in a listing format just listing the products I used with the scent description of the product. If you are more curious about a scent comment below. 

Candles By Victoria Pure Seduction SSS -Victoria Secret Type. This soft, refreshing mix of Anjou pears, aloe vera and chamomile is sure to brighten your day. Undertones of strawberry , guava and juicy apple capture the essence of this sweet fragrance. 

Candles By Victoria Chantilly Lace SS - Light floral with musky middle notes, rich and warm, complex and intriguing…even if you are not a floral person give this scent a chance.. gorgeous! 

Candles By Victoria Shamrock Kiss SS - A flirtatious, fruity, sexy fragrance. A tantalizing aroma of sweet juicy candied apples and pomegranate, with nuances of fresh ivy and oakmoss.  I have to note on this one that this smells like Victoria Secret Endless Love to ME! 

Candles By Victoria Country Coffee Cake - The Aroma of a fresh baked coffee cake. Rich buttery cake topped with tons of brown sugar and cinnamon! 

FussAssMcGee 2 Winter Candy CupTarts - Bath & Body Works Dupe a blend of sweet crisp red apple with notes of sweet oranges hints of pineapple cinnamon and vanilla (No Scent Description Available via FussAssMcgee) 

FussAssMcGee 2 Butt Naked in Bed CupTarts - A frisky blend of apple, pear, melon, vanilla and musk. 

FussAssMcGee Endless Love CupTart - An irresistible, fresh fragrance. Believe in Endless Love, romantic with bright apple blossom and ylang ylang. (No Description Available via FussAssMcGee) 

Tiffany Candles Melon Ball Fizz Single - A fruity blend that starts on a base of cantaloupe melon mixed with fresh bits of pineapple, ripe mango, papaya, passion fruit, banana, and a splash of berry. 

Tiffany Candles Kiss & Tell 3pk - A blend of fresh orange & red apple & crushed cranberry, highlighted with hints of spice and balanced with fresh green notes; undertones of soft sweet vanilla. 

Tiffany Candles Sweet Pea Type 3pk - Bath & Body Works Type an English Garden that captures the very essence of sweet & floral elegance 

Tiffany Candles ComeOnIWannaLeiYa Scoopable - Pineapple, coconut, & mango papaya blend

Diamond Candles 8.6oz Misty Dawn Crumbs - Inspired by the founders' daughter, Misty Dawn Cayton, the pure radiance of this fragrance comes to life when lighting this unique candle. The crisp fruit burst and beautiful blend of aroma will fill up your room. This is Misty Dawn. Live life to its fullest.

Diamond Candle Rose Wood 6.1oz Crumbs - Long lasting roses and a woody, earthy blend of sandalwood touched with a hint of musk and patchouli make for an exotic and complicated fragrance that those with distinguished tastes will really appreciate. Who do you have special in your life that deserves something that will out last and out smell a real rose but also be a great gift to wear for years to come?
Better Homes & Gardens Pure White Woods Clamshell - This is the infamous Abercrombie and Fitch Fierce Dupe or as some people know it from BBW Mahogany Teakwood a good sexy man scent! 

Bath & Body Works Garden Freesia - The scent of freshly cut freesia blends flawlessly with violet petals and a touch of sandalwood. 

Candles By Victoria Mango Sorbet Hurricane - Blend of Mango, Raspberry, Lemon Compared to: Tutti Dolce

That's all until next month! 


  1. I miss your videos. I know they take a lot of time to film and upload, but would you consider still doing one once in a while?

    1. Yes I was on a time crunch this month with all the semi annual sale hoopla and what not that I knew I couldnt get a video up in a reasonable time. Im still trying to figure if I can get my favorites recorded and up this week :D