Monday, July 8, 2013

Ulta Birthday Haul Red Carpet Gel Manicure System + Some Extra's

Every year for my birthday I always get some birthday cash. Cash tends to be the best gift as I can go buy what I want. Between my Mom, Grandma, and My friend in NY I had a decent amount and did want to invest in one thing without blowing all that cash so I did use a portion of it to go to Ulta and get my self to Red Carpet Gel Manicure System. This has intrigued my interest for a few months as I really haven't seen a bad review on it and also the products were much easier to access compared to my Haute Polish system where I would have to ALWAYS order my nail. With the Red Carpet Gel Manicure system I know I can always go to my local Ulta store where they have a vast selection of the polishes. That's the next thing I want to do is stock up on polish their are so many color options and the polishes are reasonably priced at 9.99 which is cheaper than Haute Polish plus Ulta Generally has a $3.50 of $10 coupon that can be used taking the polishes down to $6.50 

So what came in the kit you may be wondering? 

Purify - Use to clean your nails prior and post manicure 
Prep - Sanitize nails 
Structure - Gel Base 
Red Carpet Reddy - Gel Polish 
Brillance - Gel Top Goat 
Revitalize - Cuticle Oil 
Erase - Gel Manicure Remover 
Pro Light - 6 Watt LED Light 

I also picked up some extras... 

Red Carpet Gel Manicure Polish - Camera Flash 
3 Sided Buffing Block 
Nail File 

I will be going back to Ulta this week to pick up some more polishes as the 3.50 off $10 purchase coupon began Yesterday... 

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