Friday, July 12, 2013

Red Carpet Gel Manicure - Camera Flash

A few days ago I made a post on my most recent Ulta purchase a Red Carpet Gel Manicure System I bought with some of my Birthday Bucks. 

The same day I purchased it I tried doing my own manicure and even though my nails are far from perfect with shape and length I still think I had a successful manicure. The color I used was Camera Flash which I purchased separately from the set its a gorgeous shimmery hot pink perfect for summer. 

Now it comes down to the serious stuff and not the cutesy stuff did the manicure last like Red Carpet Manicure said it would the company advertises for weeks worth of wear with NO CHIPPING. 

At 4 days in I was happy I had no chips my Haute Polish generally made it that long with no chips or lifting so at that point I knew this system was on par with the Haute Polish system if not better. At 1 week still no chips I was pretty impressed with the no chipping factor but growing tired of the color and did notice some slight fading of the color nothing drastic though. 9 days in this polish was a survivor no matter what I put it through. The last two days I spent re-finishing some furniture and no matter what work I put my hands through my manicure DID NOT CHIP but I did paint my manicure by accident the latex paint easily pealed off but did leave some residue so I did decide to remove my manicure as of last night to do another. 

My final thoughts is this is the most affordable and comparable product to a salon gel manicure. I love that I can use this product at my convenience without having to make an appointment at the salon. This system pays for its self in two uses. A gel manicure in my area is $30 plus tip two visits would run about $70 I paid $68 and some change for this system after coupon. Yea you run into some extra $$$ buying polishes but if you keep an eye out for $3.50 off $10 coupons for Ulta that takes the polish down to $6.50 a bottle and the color choices are pretty much endless they have a core line of over 60 shades I believe and release limited edition colors as well. 

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