Tuesday, July 23, 2013

TJ Maxx Massive Coach Shoe Clearance!

Today was my errand day bank, grocery store and wherever else my heart desires. TJ Maxx has been calling my name it's been a few weeks since I had been in there and its one of my favorite stores as you never know what you will find. 

In all honesty I thought I'm going to go in here and buy some perfume because I've been on a perfume craze buying lots of it! Nothing in the perfume section or the purse section of the store interested me so I moved onto the next department I always stop in and that's shoes. I have huge feet a size 10 so the shoes they get in my size are VERY LIMITED. Nothing caught my attention till I went to the clearance aisle and seen they had so many Coach shoes on clearance. They had flip flops once again none in my size for $25.00 some cute coral sandals $49.00 they had these in my size I wanted them but I couldn't justify the price when I already bought 3 pairs of cute sandals this summer so what did I get? Some Coach tennis shoes! These were cute and super affordable at just 39.00 they say they are last season yet I see they are still available on the Macy's website. The shoes originally retail for 108.00 Macy's has them on sale for $79.99 and TJ had Macy's beat by half the price. 

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